Notes from 4/3

Website prototype:

– Made “press kit” link more prominent
– Removed “creative team” (became redundant and confusing since the material is now in the press kit; we can restore it if you feel strongly about it), still think “about the film” makes sense there, especially with the acknowledgments
– Updated IFP text on the left
– Added copyright notice on the right
Home page:
– Added “watch the teaser trailer” (and spiffed up the visual elements, adding the orange and blue bars)
Meet the Dancers:
– Apologies that I had not gotten you the dancers’ bios—Word doc attached for you to edit (use “track changes” so I can see what you changed; put any comments/questions as comments rather than adding to the running text please 🙂
– Revised and updated photo credits (please check though)
– Made Kalin a judge/supporting dancer; made Barbara a judge/supporting dancer
– Updated Benjamin’s and Barbara’s pictures (used head shots from the film, dancing shots had too many people in them and it was hard to tell who was who)
Press Kit:
– Added visual banner with tagline at top
– Updated “film information” to remove contact information, added buttons to download full press kit and one-sheet PDFs
– Synopses should be the most up to date (please check)
– Added Dina’s photo on “production team”
– Moved Elizabeth’s bio after Dina’s on “production team”
– Added bio for me plus Don, Chris bios at the end of “production team”
– Changed “contact information” to “contact” and replaced your phone number/email address with the contact form
Collateral materials:
Here’s the page I set up that has links to the latest versions of all the items:
Password: htt2017
– Synopses should be the latest version (please check)
– Photo credits updated, duplicate photo credits removed
– Moved Elizabeth’s bio after Dina’s
– Added Tom, Lauretta’s bios
– Added links to the press kit web page on pages where space permitted
– Added back, with the logo and link to the website
Palm card (rectangular):
– Removed “llc” in “hot to trot productions” and added “Hot to Trot Productions LLC” above your name